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Walk on the Wild Side

26 minutes - HD video
A 40-minute hike along an easy trail brings one to this well known skinny dipping spot, Bass Lake. This group of seven young nudists go swimming but also explore a couple of ponds as well as the cliffs overlooking the Pacific while free of clothing.

On-camera: Lisa, Jim, Wynd, Laura May, Doe, Toby, James
bubbles with nudists
Walk on the Wild Side      26 minutes - HD video
Hiking at Point Reyes Park and swimming in Bass Lake

After parking our motorhome we hit the trail to begin the hike that would take about 45 minutes. The trail is well maintained and makes for easy walking. Soon the path emerges at the top of a cliff overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

We continue on our way on this warm clear day. Soon it becomes clear it is too hot to remain completely dressed and everyone takes off their shirts. We want to take off more but the trail has too many other people on it to safely be nude.

About half way, we divert off the main trail to take a closer look at a beautiful hidden pond. This is our first chance to shed all our clothing and experience closer contact with nature. At the pond's edge Lisa manages to catch a salamander!

We continue around the large ponds finally being able to express our nudism, the soft green grass carressing our feet. After a good hike we decide it is time to get back on the trail so we can get over to the lake. Unfortunately we have to get partially dressed again.

Soon the trail opens up and we can see the lake below us. We walk a little faster, with anticipation. At the water's edge clothes disappear quickly and the first brave souls dive into the cold water!

There's nothing quite like swimming clothes-free! Soon everyone is enjoying the experience. James starts swimming across the lake, Doe and Toby play piggy back, others climb up a tree limb hanging close to the water's edge.

After a lot of exhausting fun everyone stumbles out of the water and dries off. Now clothing is welcome as we try to get warm!

Back on the trail and we are headed back. But when we reach the ocean cliffs we can't resist getting naked one more time and shouting out with joy at our freedom and connection to the universe!

getting in the water at Bass Lake, Point Reyes

on the trail, with no clothes!
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exploring the pond au naturel
skinnydipping in Bass Lake
nudist hike on the high trails
wet cold water feels good
curious about the marsh wildlife
dancing at the edge of the ocean
drying off after the swim
nudists as naturists on nature trail
friends view the ocean together
naked contact with the lake water

Walk on the Wild Side

Walk on the Wild Side