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Dive into Naturism

30 minutes - HD video
This sandy spot along the American River near Auburn, California is a popular nudist hangout. The group had a busy day of swimming, hiking, climbing and cliff diving. Nature really is a playground for our bodies and souls.

On-camera: Katgirl, Umbra, Je Suis, Paul, Tiffany, Tim, Lea
bubbles with nudists
Dive into Naturism      30 minutes - HD video
A day of water fun on the American River

We are at a popular nudist spot along the north fork of the American River near the town of Auburn. There is an actual beach here that can easily accommodate a couple dozen people. This was one of our first photo trips and the first with some real video coverage.

It is a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky. This river is always pretty cold, but as you can see that does not inhibit this intrepid naked crew. On this early PhotoNaturals trip I had not yet established a clear philosophy of what we are supposed to be doing and how we we are doing it. I wanted to see what woudl happen, believing in a balanced process of spontaneity and planning. I knew I wanted to see a gender-balanced nudist experience. But somehow when everyone knows there are going to be cameras there is an attitude and expection, mainly leaning towards women being on-camera and men being the photographers. Now, I have to say that actually there was a female photographer, Tiffany of T&T, and one of the male photographers, Paul, was on-camera without his camera a fair bit. But you will see that even my videography was very "girl oriented", mainly because they were the ones that were really active.

We start on on the beach with the group goofing around getting to know each other. It is a giddy atmosphere as they share some strawberries. Soon they are in the water and start "posing" for Tim. (Eventually I had to intervene and get them to behave more naturally) Katgirl had found a spot in the river where she could safely dive off some high rocks, so this becomes the centerpiece for a while, with 3 women repeatedly diving, jumping, then climbing out and up the rocks over and over. These turned out to be beautiful sequences with the girls splashing and playing around in the water.

Paul and Je Suis take a quiet moment sitting together in the sun. They had never met before but seemed to gravitate to each other. The others continue to bravely dive into the river.

Enough with the cold water! It's back to the beach where it's time to warm up in the California sunshine.

The steep embankments are criss-crossed with trails and most of the group decides to go for a little hike to see what they can find. They find bushes of poison oak, not a naked person's friend! They try a few routes but soon end up returning to the beach.

I almost forget about some of the "props" I brought along and produce some party hoola skirts. The girls snap them up and start dancing and playing around with them in various inventive ways.

All good things must come to an end, at least for today. See you at our next naked and natural adventure!


nudists hang out by American River

rock climbing girls about to dive nude
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Dive into Naturism

Dive into Naturism