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This page tells you a few different things - how to join us in real life and participate in events and trips - how to purchase a subscription to access our galleries - how to be part of paid on-camera projects. Our websites are in a slow process of major redesign, clarification of intent and expansion of capabilities. We want you to be part of what's happening, no matter who you are or where you are, any age, race gender, or body-shape!
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Join us at an Event or Trip!

Nomad's group is sporadically active in two areas: California Greater Bay Area and the Toronto, Canada area. We also associate with and cross promote other groups in these areas. Currently we still list events on the front page of www.photonaturals.com but they should really be listed at naked-club.org and they WILL BE once we complete our re-design. When that happens, photonaturals.com will only be about our photo/video production as a side aspect of what we do. To get involved in anything, email Nomad directly and ALSO complete this form for now (LINK) unless you already did that in the past.

Nomad's email: nomad.nakedclub@gmail.com

Join or Create Groups anywhere in the World!

Nomad and his programmers are hard at work creating the new Naked Club website which will become a resource for finding and participating in opportunities for clothesfree recreation and expression throughout the world. You'll be able to find people, groups, and places near you or in some other area and hook up with them. Good security for personal info is being built in plus ways of building confidence in the authenticity of the people you meet. You can now already make a profile and see what the events pages will look like. But you'll have to wait a few months for more features to become functional. Go to member.naked-club.org.

Get a Subscription to access our Photo/Video Galleries

Experience our adventures in naked freedom by being right there with us through images and sound. The only thing missing is the warm breeze on your body. There are several ways to get access:

1 - Be part of Photo Events. Anyone who has participated in one of our events on-camera can get 2 years free access. For continuing free access, keep coming to events! Just email Nomad and ask!

2 - Support us with a Galleries Subscription Purchase. There are many reasonably priced options and we could really use your support to help this project grow. If you appreciate our approach to showing the positive benefits of the nude experience through visuals, please make a purchase now! You can see what all is included by clicking "Events" at the top and browsing the 4 pages - you can go into each big bubble to see what is inside, but you need an active subscription to see the details.

$26 - 90 days - rebills with just $16.00 every 90 days
$29 - 90 days (about 3 months) - no rebill
$39 - 180 days (about 6 months) - no rebill
$49 - 1 year - no rebills (a 2 year option exists for Paypal below)

To purchase, please follow this link: member.naked-club.org/purchase/

But you have to be logged in for this to work. If you are new here you may have to create a login first.


OR make a payment by Post! --- MORE ECONOMICAL

If you prefer to use PayPal, please continue to:


There is a two-year option here for just $69 (extra year for just $20 more than one year). Note that you will have to wait for us to manually activate your subscription, which is usually no more than an hour or two, but could be longer.

If you are not ready to join or make a purchase, but want to keep in touch, you can join our MailChimp email list: email sign up!
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