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This extra page tells you how to subscribe to our galleries by sending a payment through the mail. You can send cash or a money order (get it from your bank or post office) and remember, it is going to Canada - so if you are outside Canada it has to be something like "International".
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Subscribe through the Postal Service!

US dollars
$40 - 7 months (extra month)
$50 - 14 months (1 year + 2 extra months)
$70 - 27 months (2 years + 3 extra months)

Canadian currency accepted at par!
Other currencies - do an approximate conversion.


1. If you get a Money Order get the kind we can cash in Canada.

2. Get a piece of paper and write the following info:

• Amount and currency you are sending.
• Your email address (print CLEARLY!)
• Your Naked Club username if you have one.

3. Fold the paper in thirds and wrab the money or money order.

4. Insert this into a standard envelope. Use double paper if you want.

5. Put the following address on the envelope:

Free Body Media
99073 Galleria Mall PO
Toronto, ON
M6H 4H7

6. Put your return address if you want.

7. Make sure you have enough postage stamps.

8. Email us to let us know you have mailed your payment.

When we get your envelope we will set you up right away! THANKS!
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join us