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Welcome to the Naked Club!

We are a growing group of free-spirited adults who believe that being naked is a wholesome and enlightened way of experiencing life. This website - our photos and videos - is our message to the world that a truly open and accepting society starts with body freedom.

There are over 350 of us now and we have done over 45 different nudist events and outings, producing thousands of images and videos expressing the exuberance of nudist joy in nature and social settings. We go hiking, swimming, camping, boating, dance, have retreats, workshops, do yoga, play games, and have gatherings. Our nudist and naturist message is non-sexual and invites all people to be accepting and harmonious with each other and their environment.

Please support us if you believe in our body freedom cause! Join Now!

-Nomad ( webmaster / organizer / photographer )
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BodyFest 2014

June 7, 2014
Come on everyone! This is THE big yearly event, now bigger than ever, inland where it is WARM, with lots of private space for tons of fun activities. Bodyfest is happening at Lupin Lodge (south of San Jose, California) a beautiful modern naturist facility. Music, dance, workshops, contests, games, yoga, massage.
For more details: BodyFest
Bodyfest body sculpture
Bodypaint costume

Naked Camping Event - "In the Wild 4"

July 25-27, 2014
We are confirming a new location on private land and very easy to get to - just drive right in. Imagine being naked all day - swimming, building a campfire. Total Bliss! Hike through acres of wilderness. Join in with group body-awareness workshops (if you want). Read all about it
Nude Hike Camping
canoeing nude

New Plans for 2014!

january 2014 Update
Later in 2014 Naked Club will become a social networking website for nude events and projects. Programming and re-designing has been ongoing for several months and will take a few months more to complete. Membership will be free! Advance sign-up by adding to our newsletter list.
nude gathering by hot tub
nude dog pile

"Smooth Sailing" - New Movie Available!

November 2013 Update
Sailing out from Sausalito, these clothes-free mariners explore the San Francisco Bay with the wind in their hair and the rest of their bodies too. Swimming in the ocean, dancing in the cabin, climbing the mast to get some amazing photos... More info about our movie, Smooth Sailing.
On a sailboat clothes-free
yacht Crew

"Beach Bums" - New Movie Available!

September 2013 Update
This group of Berkeley students visits two nude beaches north of Santa Cruz - San Gregorio and it's vast sandy expansive beach, and Shark's Tooth, a rocky and scenic cove near Davenport, California - wonderful playgrounds for naked silliness. More info about our movie, Beach Bums.
Nudies play Miniature Tanks
At the edge of the ocean Shark's Tooth

New Website Membership format!

April 2012 Update
Goodbye to the "edition" format. Now active members have access to all photos and video clips and can enjoy the weekly gallery or video clip updates. Currently we are posting image galleries from a nude beach body freedom event that had many activities and games including red rover, tug of war, and the dressing/undressing race. We also did some "Spencer Tunick" style group naked photos.
Pile of Naked Bodies
Tug of War Photonaturals

Join the Naked Club Website

Support these costly events and trips!
Join Now! - You will experience the sensuous joy of bodyfreedom through our fantastic image sets and nudism video productions. Several years of intense activities has produced a big backlog of raw images and video which still needs to be processed and presented here. Your support through your purchases will quicken the process and help continue future events. Join Now!
Hiking through the poisin ivy
Riverside bliss